Kevlar Whitewater Spraydeck

Tough, Sticky and Dependable


We need the MAKE and MODEL of the Kayak you wish to fit.
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We have cockpit templates and sizes for hundreds of different Kayaks. However, kayak manufacturers continue to challenge us with new shapes and sizes of cockpits.

We will contact you if we require more information. e.g. Measurements, photos or a paper tracing of the cockpit.

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  • The outer edge of the Deck section (Base) is 3.5mm high impact neoprene covered with Kevlar® fabric from Du Pont®. Not just the front area, but right around the cockpit rim.
  • A more elastic 4mm neoprene Inner section, covered with strong and durable "Tough weave" fabric. 
  • All joins have been glued, blind stitched and have been hot-tape seam sealed. The deck panel seams have been hot-taped on the top side as well to protect the stitching.
  • High stretch neoprene is used on the body tube. This has a soft nylon covering. The top edge is elastic bound and gives the top edge a little extra pull to improve the seal.
  • The underside has a band of latex rubber where the deck meets the kayak rim.This gives the best grip possible on plastic cockpit rims. The entire outside edge has been bound with elastic to prevent fraying .
  • Shockcord: Up for a arm and shoulder workout? If you can't get this spraydeck on, then you shouldn't be using it. We use 12mm shockcord on these spraydecks, because you need them to stay on.
  • If you need to exit, the front grab loop has been reduced in size and flattened to reduce the possibility of snagging. We have also introduced a release tag at the 4 O'clock position. This has become a standard feature on our Rhino decks as well. If you ever become pinned back and can't reach the front loop, this secondary release is your plan B. Both grabs are double-sewn into, and around the shockcord.


We take pride in our work and stand behind everything we make.

Cut, printed and sewn at our own premises.

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