Positioner Kit - 90deg mouthpiece

For use with the Rasdex Multisporter PFD.

Keep the drinking tubes where you want them.


Kit contains:

  • Foam block with Velcro attachment pads, 3 holes (for tubing from your PFD bladder, chest bottle, or in-boat system).
  • 2 metres of 8mm food grade tubing. The standard size for most drinks bladders.
  • Positioning washers. These hold the tubing securely in the foam block. One on top and one below.
  • 4 segments of flex to support the tubing and mouthpiece. They will stay where they are set.
  • 90 deg mouth valve. Soft Silicone valve is easy on the mouth, and also acts as a non-return valve. Can be disassembled for cleaning.