Multisporter PFD


Now you too can benefit from the experience of top class multisport athletes. Their 'wish list' lead to the development of this PFD.

The PFD preferred by multisport athletes in New Zealand.

 ‘The most efficient, comfortable, user friendly multisport PFD on the market’.

  • Highly adjustable, single adult size fits most.
  • Additional safety rib-strap around bottom edge to comply with the latest Kathmandu Coast to Coast equipment rules
  • Exceeds minimum buoyancy standard of 55N.
  • Soft and comfortable closed-cell buoyancy foam inserts. These are replaceable
  • Race designed. Cut specifically for maximum freedom of movement.
  • Large side buckle and side entry/exit allows for very quick transitions. Zero risk of zip malfunction or jammed buckles.
  • Supplied with a front mounted foam block to position standard 8mm drink tubing. Elastic loops can guide up to 3 drinking tubes, from the back bladder pocket, front drinks bottle, and your chosen boat or river system. 
  • Routing for bladder tube over either shoulder or around right side.
  • Neoprene front center pocket for your up to 600ml secret recipe gel or drink bottle. Additional short center pocket & elastic to hold longer items like snack bars and  bananas. Two elasticated mesh pockets on sides.
  • Key clip.
  • Reflective tab on back. This doubles as a loop to attach a light.
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Pocket above the back bladder cover is designed to hold your Emergency Foil Survival Bag.


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