Latex Seal / Gasket Replacement

Rasdex supply and fit high quality UK sourced:

  • Neck seals - Bellows and Cone types
  • Wrist seals - Cone and Bottle types
  • Bottle ankle seals
  • Bicep seals (for short sleeve drytops)

Latex Seal / Gasket Replacement Pricing

Wrist Seals - Cone (pair)$95.00
Ankle Seals - Bottle (pair)$95.00
Neck Seal - Bellows$120.00
Neck Seal - Cone$110.00
Bicep seals (Pair) $98.50

Turnaround time is dependant on our current workload and parts availability.

We will estimate the time required when you Contact Us

If Trimming to Size is Required

  1. Relax the new latex seal by simulating the seal being worn for the first time. Slide the seal over a smooth cylinder, slightly larger than the opening.(Bottle, can etc) Don’t overstretch! Leave it on the cylinder overnight.

  2. The following day, remove the cylinder and test the fit.

  3. If trimming is required, do so with great care! Use only good quality sharp, or preferably new scissors. For best results, get a friend to hold, with slight tension, while you cut. Trim no more than 3 mm per cut. Most seals have guide lines to assist this. Most importantly, Keep the edges straight and smooth, as ny second cuts or ragged edges will create a stress point where a future tear can originate.

  4. Recheck the fit. Repeat 3 if required. Don't be tempted to trim more than 3 mm. There is no repair possible for an over-trimmed seal. Only a new seal can repair this.