Spraydeck Sizing

Keeping dry and comfortable in a Kayak depends on equipment that fits the Kayak, the Paddler, and the conditions.

Fitting the Kayak Cockpit - the 'Deck' size

We keep Spraydecks for many Kayak cockpit sizes in stock, and have templates and size lists for hundreds more.

However, Kayak manufacturers constantly challenge us with new cockpit shapes and sizes.

Please enter the MAKE and MODEL of the Kayak to the 'ADDITIONAL INFORMATION' box during the checkout process.

  • We will contact you if we require more information. e.g. Measurements, photos, or a paper tracing of the cockpit.
  • The better the information we get, the more accurate the fit.
  • A better fit means the spraydeck will last longer, and you will come home drier.

Fitting the Paddler - the 'Bodytube' size

Correct bodytube sizing is important. Not too loose, not too tight.

This chart will assist in your selection (opens in a new window)

Measuring for your Bodytube Size