We can attach a Food Pocket to your existing Spraydeck

Choose Left or Right hand Access

 Send your Spraydeck to us and we will attach a neoprene pocket to the front 'deck' 

The most accessible pocket you will have. No race bib restriction here!


  • The pocket has easy, one hand opening, using a flap and Velcro tag.
  • The Spraydeck itself remains waterproof. The pocket attachment stitching is sealed using hot tape.
  • A key clip is attached inside the pocket. (the pocket itself is not waterproof)
  • Water drain holes can also be used to attach your timers and gadgets, or keep drinks tubing restrained.
  • Your choice of either Left, or Right handed access. 
  • Use it for food, safety gear (can accommodate a small throw bag), your used wrappers, someone else's used wrappers 

Send to:

Rasdex Manufacturing

21 Coronation St


We can usually have your freshly pocketed spraydeck back to you in 7 days. 

CONTACT US if time is critical 

We can give you a more accurate return time, and will do whatever we can to get you back on the water quickly. Other brands may also be able to have a pocket attached.

Please Note: The following Spraydecks cannot be fitted with a pocket. 

  • Less than 600mm long,
  • Rasdex Rhino,
  • White Water Kevlar, 
  • Spraydecks with a printed underside

If you are unsure, Contact us for more information.