Rasdex Kayaking Essentials


Rasdex began in the UK in 1990, and is now based in Rangiora, a few minutes north of Christchurch, New Zealand.
Being an owner operated business, we are available to discuss what you need (even after hours!) When you talk to us, you talk to the people who make it happen.
We are constantly developing new products, and making improvements to existing lines. These are firstly field tested by our team of high achieving multisport athletes. Only when these guys are happy with the product, do we offer them to you.
Our Spraydecks are individually hand made, both custom sizes and off-the-shelf. Crafted from top quality Neoprene, we guarantee they will fit.
You will find us supporting Multisport Kayaking and other events. We especially like to encourage our up and coming adventure athletes by sponsoring youth events.

Durable Garments.

Designed for Kayaking.



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